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This is my personal journal and I write ramblings containing my daily life, my feelings and fangirling stuff in here. You can find more information about my likes and dislikes and what I am doing on my profile page. If you want to friend me, feel free to leave me a comment and tell me a bit about you and/or your interests (in case I don't already know you). ^_^

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First, thanks for all the nice comments on my last entry. :)
FYI, both grandpas are better now. They were released from the hospital last week, one is recovering just fine from his OP, the other one is physically better, but... well, got some mental damage. He's always been afraid to die, and now that he had a light stroke he's even more anxious. And to top that, three other people he knows (and all from the same family, to make it even weirder) had a stroke this week: a man, his brother and his daughter.
I just wish my grandpa would stop thinking about death and start thinking about life again. *sigh*

As for me, I finished two essays I had to write last week. Now I'm taking a small break before I start on the next one. Feels like assembly-linework. xD Thanks to gwy I started watching Merlin and I quite enjoy it (you should've told me that Lancelot is hot! LOL), and at the moment I'm poking the torrent for the new Supernatural ep, which is incredibly slow. As the torrent fan I usually am, I give the torrent another hour before going for a DDL. *stares at the torrent*
I also read another pile of books, but before I can talk about the new ones, I still have to write something about the February stuff for jessie_ohki... in German, because I'm lazy. xD

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Icon batch

Oops, almost forgot to make a note here. I posted a new icon batch over at soleil_icons with more shows of the new season. Most fun was probably Chi's Sweet Home and it makes me want to pimp it more~~ Such a cute anime, it turned into my favorite of this season. Chi resembles my own cat so much that I wonder if Molly was the model for Chi's character. xD From the "more serious" animes I like Nabari no Ou, Junjou Romantica Vampire Knight and Soul Eater most (Special A is pretty cool as well) + all the 2nd/third seasons from other shows that are currently out there. Again, the spring season is very satisfying. ^_^

This is probably the last time I'm pimping an icon post here since I tend to forget about it and all the posts for fandom comms are time-consuming enough. So... if someone wants to follow my icon updates, feel free to friend/watch the community, that should be the easiest way (and they aren't that often to spam your flist xD;; ). Also, watchers and friends make me very happy. <3

This time I have for you:

[27] Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
[29] Chi's Sweet Home
[17] Amatsuki
[16] Loveless
[27] Nabari no Ou
[11] Vampire Knight
[13] Various
--> [08] Silver Diamond
--> [01] Spiral
--> [01] Chobits
--> [01] Shinshi Doumei Cross
--> [01] Persona 3
[03] Requests
Total: [143]


More HERE.

Btw, I noticed that I was added by some people I don't really know recently... how about leaving me a comment somewhere so that I know who you are and can friend you back properly? :D